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Wool Touch Suit Tan

Wool Touch Suit Tan

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Normal fiyat 6,600.00TL İndirimli fiyat 3,500.00TL
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Our Wool Touch Collection consists of products with 80% wool content. Wool is one of the natural and most valuable fabrics that keeps you warm in winter.
Wool is one of the most effective forms of all-weather protection, and synthetic fibers with the same properties have not yet been produced.
Wool is an active fibre that helps you to stay warm when it’s cold and cools you when it’s warm.
Since wool can absorb moisture and sweat from your skin, it helps prevent unpleasant odors.
Wool is an eco-friendly fabric.
It’s a natural, renewable product that biodegrades much quicker than synthetic fabrics. It’s got a long lifespan and is frequently and easily recycled and reused.



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